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Month: April, 2008

Video: Feist on the Colbert Report

Wine bar music. Heh.

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Links for 4.30.08: Pink Floyd’s pig, Friday’s lack of pants, Hype Machine’s $$…

*Erockster is Clear Channel’s crack at online radio. I don’t know how to pronounce the endeavor. And that worries me. [digital music news]

*There is a rumor going around that Viacom wants to buy Hype Machine for $10M. I wonder if they know that people like Hype Machine for the stealing. [spin city]

*Lindsay Lohan will perform with Snoop Dogg on an upcoming album. I say this without any trace of snark or irony: I am looking forward to it. [buzzfeed]

*Radiohead isn’t into the whole “name your own price” thing any more. Also, they have given a song, All I Need, to a charity that fights human trafficking.

*Pink Floyd lost their inflatable pig, offered a $10,000 reward for it, then found it. This is the circle of life, pork style. [daily swarm]

*Off topic: Friday is No Pants Day. [laughing squid]

Video: They Might Be Giants at TED

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Links for 4.29.08: MOG’s money, Bowie’s kids, Hendrix’s trio…

*MOG takes money from Universal Music Group and Sony BMG. Labels, labels, everywhere.

*David Bowie doesn’t like his daughter listening to the rock music. Especially Hilary Duff.

*Sony BMG isn’t suing Project Playlist! News at 11.

*You probably heard about the Jimi Hendrix sex tape. Here is a link. Not to the video, the NYT article. Sorry.

*Vinyl sales up 46% last year. But how closely have they been tracking garage sale sales?

*NIN to offer personalized concert tickets to evade scalpers? [getty images]

*The Black Eyed Peas to play in China? Despite a boycott? Count me in. [daily swarm]

Video: Scarlett Johansson’s “Falling Down”

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Video: Interview with nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot

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Video: Okkervil River playing on rooftop for

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Links for 4.28.08: Muxtape talks, Shakira lobbies, Diablo Cody twitters…

*Apparently, Diablo Cody is twittering. And by that, I mean using the Web 2.0 application Twitter. What?

*Death Cab for Cutie records a session with Daytrotter. Also, see Death Cab’s viral video project. [universal music group]

*No love for subscription music?

*Listening Post interviews Justin Ouellette, the dude behind everyone’s favorite mixtape site, Muxtape. He looks like an internet guy.

*iTunes is five years old. I use iTunes as a music player and to sign up for free podcasts, but I won’t be buying any music from their any time soon. [daring fireball]

*WATCH: Interviews with heavy metal Satanists Venom – from the tweets of The Sound of Young America.

*Shakira talks education policy on NPR. [prawfsblawg]

*Off-topic: Food that takes the shape of its container. [neatorama]

Video: The Shins Perform on Yo Gabba Gabba!

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Video: Tapes ‘N Tapes – “Hang Them All”

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[switchblade comb]

Video: Will Oldham shrooming

Downright bonny.


Video: Stipe and Springsteen on stage together [2004]

Footage from the 2004 film “National Anthem.”

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Video: NIN’s animated “Discipline” video

I knew these guys were net-savvy, but who knew they were into Habbo Hotel?

[laughing squid]

Video: Prince performing at Coachella

This video really makes you feel like you’re at Coachella. Without your contact lenses.

[brooklyn vegan]


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