Basic Essay Structure

Let’s talk about the structure of the SI now I’m going to talk a little bit more and then eventually I’m going to get you guys to do some work for me but I think to start this lesson to really get the the opinion essay topic going I’m going to have to to do more speaking than usual okay so as far as the structure goes I’m sure most of you know the basic essay structure and a couple of you may have even been in some IELTS classes that I put together and you’ll see some things that are similar there too but the structure of your basic essay structure is introduction one paragraph and then your body which we’ll say has three paragraphs and then your conclusion which is one paragraph.

This is your basic essay structure now the introduction is really always going to be one paragraph the conclusion is always one paragraph the body can be as many paragraphs as you need it to be right because some essays are 250 words some are 500 some are 2,000 some are well 10,000 right so it really depends on how long the essay is okay so you you can add as many body paragraphs in there as possible now today our focus is going to be on the introduction all right roses asking is it right that argumentative essay has three patterns um possibly but I’m not sure if I would even limit it to that there are different different possibilities I would say for the argumentative essay Rosa you could again if you want to get more specific there I’ll try to answer that question as well so again this is your basic structure it could vary it could be two paragraphs it could be as many paragraphs in the body as you need okay.

But today we’re going to be focusing on the introduction because that’s really that’s an important part of the essay okay mmm I know I’m always talking about about food here yeah but this is your basic essay I think for some of you I’ve put this up here before that your basic essay is like a delicious hamburger right a delicious burger where you’ve got the the intro here in the conclusion here but the meat all the good stuff is in the middle right your your arguments all your defense your reasons your details everything is in the middle of this delicious burger but you still do need a good strong introduction otherwise you’re just going to get all of that cheesy stuff all over yourself you’re going to be a mess okay so that’s the importance of having a nice introduction yeah not hamburger but you need that strong you guys are getting hungry I’m sorry yeah so this is your your basic essay structure and really when you think about the the ideas themselves the introduction the body of the conclusion it really should be going from the more general ideas.