Citations For Your Essay

Some information in your essay may need citations and if it all comes from the same source of one citation at the end might be appropriate but if it doesn’t come from the same source you may need to break that up a little bit so where did I find out that hummingbirds have special sensors in their eyes to help attract them to bright colors flowers containing nectar put a citation there for did I find out that there are plants that do not have brightly colored flowers put a citation there where did I find out that 10% of all flowers contain the nectar equipped that hummingbirds are equipped in soon put them put the letter there now looking at my sources since the Walker source appears to be about plants and the clingen source appears to be about hummingbirds.

I would say this first sentence is probably a Klingon citation the second sentence is probably a walker citation and the third sentence could possibly come from either but it’s probably a Klingon citation as well so the key is that you need to make sure you’re using citations to back up what you say we really you and I would have no authority to say this information without proving that you know it’s actually true so as we go on we’re gonna see another heading another heading written in level one APA that’s good the key to attracting hummingbirds to your bird-watching area is creating an environment suited for their physical characteristics in containing food for them to consume the easiest way to accomplish this is by is to plant brightly colored flowers throughout your property but particularly in areas where you wish to attract according to Klingon this is an example by the way of an inline citation the other ones are called parenthetical citations an example of an inline citation according to Klingon hummingbirds are attracted to almost any flower that contains bright colors that their eyes are attracted to okay.

The sentence is a little awkward but it’s a quote so as long as it’s a quote that’s that’s fine but what we have to look at is and what you would likely see here if you if you quoted this you would probably see unnecessary quote and you know I say that because you gotta wonder what exactly does this quote do for my paper home birds attracted almost any flower that contains bright colors that their eyes are attracted to okay well it does tell us a little bit of information but you know what it really tells us kind of the same information we talked about earlier and earlier we paraphrased it so it would probably be just as appropriate if not more appropriate to paraphrase it down here if we were going to include it so what I’m trying to get across here is that if you’re gonna use a quotation in your work and not paraphrase or just use a citation to support what you’re saying.