How to Really Know Someone Vol. 1

I’m going to pull a Corinth and join this How To Really Know Someone tag since all the questions looks too interesting! And so you guys can get a glimpse into the inner workings on my mind. I hope you guys will be able to join this tag so I can look into your head, as well! I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy. You could also just leave your answer/s as a comment below.

1. How do you feel about birthdays?

I used to be really excited about birthdays but now, not so much. I guess I got tired of just celebrating the year I get older – I don’t want to get older! I just want to stay in my twenties to mid-twenties. I’ll probably stop celebrating after 25! Or at least stop saying my age. Haha!

2. Do you believe in fate?

Fate: the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power. Fate confuses me. If everything’s already planned out, then why are we still second guessing ourselves if it’s already a given on what will happen next? I think we make our own fate with every word and action that we do. I like to think we have the option to change things with every single second. Or else I’ll go crazy knowing that I’m just following a plotted storyline.

3. What do you think when a band/artist “sells out”?

It makes me sad to see bands/artists conform to what they think will generate more money or because it’s what they believe the people wants and not what they want. At the end of the day though, it’s still their band so they can do whatever we want. I don’t put much thought into it. If I am no longer into the band/artist because they changed, then there’s that. Nothing comes out of saying negative things about them. Let them work their art out.

4. What do you think of fans and fandoms?

I’m a fangirl through and through. I go to concerts, buy their CDs, and even sometimes pay to get to meet the bands/artists. Through different fandoms, I was able to make friends online and in real life. My experience with the fandoms since ’11 were mostly great times so I think highly of them! However, there’s a fine line between being fans and stalkers, and I think this is being crossed nowadays. It’s funny how a fandom can now know what their idols have for lunch and the media is feeding this frenzy. There’s also this stigma nowadays that if we don’t know everything – and I mean, everything – about your idol, then that means you’re a fake fan. I hope these people stop giving the rest a bad name! Fans and fandoms now have this negative image of just being a really possessed and obsessed self-absorbed teenage white girl – which I think is also because the adults of this generation casting aside millennials’ everything.

5. Any specific personality traits you would like to see in your life partner?

He should have enough patience for the two of us! Haha! Honesty, loyalty, and a good sense of humor are also really required. I also want a life partner who loves to travel or at least is adventurous enough to try different things.

6. Should parents be their child’s friends?

Yes! No doubt. It’ll make a more comfortable and trusting relationship between the parents and their child. It might mean less secrecy while the child is growing up. However, I think the parents should still enforce that they are a parent and not just their child’s friends. I saw many kids growing up disrespectful to their parents as they only really treat their parents as a friend.

7. What do you think of doctor-assisted suicide?

My aunt had cancer. We thought she’ll be able to make it but her last few months were terrible. She’d wake up every night screaming and crying for the pain to stop, begging for it to stop, begging to end it all just to make it stop. Nothing’s working and this cycle repeats again and again until the end. I am for euthanasia and yes, I am a Christian. Before other people start sprouting, “Only God has the power to take a life” blah blah, you have to consider the pain and suffering a person is undergoing though. It’s easy for us to say that doctor-assisted suicide is murder and not righteous but we are not the one under the circumstances on why they want to do it. Let them choose.

Is it a surprise that I’ll be answering seven questions per post? Mm. Maybe not, haha. Join in on the fun!

What would your answers be to the questions above?