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Video: Doomtree’s “Bangarang”

I think I have a new video. Har Mar Superstar interprets Doomtree.

Links for 9.13.10: Back to the future

*Important note: The post you are now reading was written in the past. Please take this into consideration as you consume the information contained herein.

*Media: Joel Johnson writes about Apple’s AirPlay and its potential futures.

*Dudes: GQ takes on Sylvester Stallone. And it’s a pretty damn interesting read. Sly, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles are the only three people ever to be up for a best actor and best screenplay nomination in the same year.

*Video: GAYNGS and Har Mar Superstar join forces to cover George Michael’s “One More Try.” I may have mentioned this before, but Har Mar is my home town shopping mall. My son loves running up and down the ramp outside the aromatic pet store near the Marshall’s and around the corner from the Dress Barn.

*Eating: The WaitList app from The A.V. Club sounds like a prediction engine for traffic at restaurants. Read the WSJ blurby thing on it. Is this an anticipation engine?

*Cycles: This Musical Bike Path from the Seoul Cycle Design Competition plays music as one rides over it. I have written about musical roads before. Or linked to them, at least.

*Selling: The Hudson Hotel’s luxury vending machine includes such items as golden handcuffs, miniskirts and a Paul Smith toothbrush. This gives me an idea. The idea is to run a vending machine that is not full of luxury items, but is instead full of awesome shit; a vending machine whose unifying theme is coolness. I think it would have axes and maybe also super-weird pig masks. [mktg]

*Food: These floating cakes are art. [c-monster]

*Oil: Don’t get me started on this, because I could REALLY go. I don’t change the oil in my car. Never have. Never want to. I think it’s bullshit propagated by the oil-industrial complex. And finally, I am vindicated.

*Does anyone want to buy a holiday wreath?

*Today’s links: F.

Links for 10.9.09: Bombing the moon, bros, and DUDE we BOMBED the MOON!!!11

*Events: Kind of a big day today. We bombed the moon and Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Also, WE BOMBED THE FUCK OUT OF THE MOON!!!

*Photography: Who wants to see pictures of flies peeing? As a kind of break from all the excitement. [eyeteeth]

*Literature: The Brocyclopedia – “‘Broseph’ was originally a term reserved for a bro or bra named “Joseph,” but the broseph has since evolved into an entirely separate sub-category of bro.” The funny thing is, this isn’t some McSweeney’s Dave Eggers bullshit. It’s cultural history. Or so I currently feel like claiming.

*Movies: David Wyatt writes in the Virginia Quarterly Review about “Star Wars and the Productions of Time.” On the Luke-Han continuum, I am indifferent and embarrassed to even know that much. [harper’s]

*Beer: Read this interview with the most interesting man in the world. The guy from the Dos Equis beer commercials.

*Recession: Guys with mustaches make more money than dudes with beards or clean-shaven men. I have been unable to sustain a mustache for longer than a half hour at any point in my life due to the overwhelming pressures of normal society. [huffpo]

*Local: Har Mar Superstar has to be one HELL of a partier, because he somehow has projects going. Still. And knows people. And WHAT? He’s writing a movie with Ellen Page. I will point out to those unfamiliar with this blog that Har Mar Mall is my local mall and say further that the pet store there smells like a dead body in a dumpster full of Chinese food that your co-worker made for lunch two days ago. Or worse.

*Punctuation: ;

*Today’s grade: Stay of execution. No American blog post fails today, since we bombed that God damn moon back to where it fucking belongs. SPACE.

Links for 5.4.09: “You’re” digital self, Lebowski Minneapolis, Wu-Tang covers…

*HOLY: Here’s a visualization (called “You’re”) of your digital self, as seen through an aggregation of data from twitter, flickr, and other sites. [waxy]

*Virtuality: Rob Walker takes on digital goods (and “Immaterialism”) in his New York Times column.

*Art: One man reimagines Wu-Tang records as Blue Note albums. I received about four days worth of stolen jazz albums from Russia as a gift once. [tds]

*Local: HOLD UP. The Lebowski Fest is coming through Minneapolis this year? Also, Har Mar Superstar will be playing at some Lebowski Fests this summer. Also, my son likes to run up and down the ramp outside the pet store at Har Mar mall.

*Twitter: It appears that Mike Doughty is not terrible at Twitter. Keep hitting the “more” button and you’ll eventually see the one where he talks about busting up a Starbucks (not really).

*Media: Does personality predict media usage better than age, gender and a bunch of other factors? You probably know what I’m going to say.

*Music: Wilco fans can find a lot of music at the wilco archive. Who knew? [shorties]

*Today’s links: D+. Things might be looking up for the old links?

*I feel like I need a beard again.


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