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Links for 4.20.10: 60 Tips for Better Abs and Worse Breath

*Advice: Read and employ this advice from the Chicago Manual of Style. On using hyphens. It will be the most useful thing you learn all day. Unless you also read the super-long items that follow this one. [coudal]

*The Internet: This is a long read (and I am now only mostly through it), but I can already say it’s worth perusing. Clay Shirky and Evgeny Morozov talk about what the Internet is, could, and should be. Also, here’s Shirky on the collapse of business models.

*Games: OK; this talk, on Cultivated Gaming, is long, too. But equally well considered. Plus, the dude (A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz) quotes Aristotle and Howard Zinn while totally taking apart Farmville.

*Alcohol: 7-Eleven will begin selling its own branded beer. I can only wonder what Howard Zinn would think of this development.

*Talking: Hikari Takano interviews Vincent Gallo. It’s audio, and you can hear cars in the background. And here is part two. I didn’t hear any cars on that one. [sloganeerist]

*Music: Can there ever be a “system” for recommending music to people that is better than what we currently call serendipity?

*Copyright: Videos from the Hitler “Downfall” meme are being pulled off YouTube. I generally hate memes, but I have long loved this one. I could watch a dozen of them in a row, regardless of topic.

*Art: Jack White talks about aesthetic constraints and how they fuel creativity. It’s almost like The White Stripes were a haiku he wrote for himself. [murketing]

*Things That Are Probably “Fake”: Graffomat’s graffiti vending machines sell spray paint cans.

*Local: Jason DeRusha has been crowned Best Tweeter in the Twin Cities. Try reading some of them.

*Today’s links: F. Brainier than witty today. Apologies. That’s what happens when I’ve been away too long.

Cover: The Oak Ridge Boys do “Seven Nation Army”

I don’t know if this is really the Oak Ridge Boys or not.


Links for 10.13.07: “Rainbows” bright, Buffy staked, Meg’s cam +

*According to Gigwise, Radiohead has sold 1.2M copies of In Rainbows.

*The touring Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-along – a Buffyoke production wherein audience members sing and act out scenes from the TV series as they’re shown on-screen – got the smack laid down on it by Fox. Not because it was too nerdy. Because of rights issues. [vulture]

*How would you like a White Stripes branded camera? No, the Meg edition is not a video camera. [peefork]

*Black Eyed Peas watch: Fergie has a new video. Clumsy. Everyone: please stop the hate. [concreteloop]

*Kanye West is working on Michael Jackson’s next album. [y! via daily swarm]

*The Wall Street Journal on the shifting role of the music producer and Nate “Danja” Hills.


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