Target Audience For Paper

If you don’t list someone who does something very relevant and this person may be your reviewer he may be not amused about that because that means that you regard him as not as relevant or he may interpret it like that so be aware of whom you cite it’s on the one inside also cite novel work although of course the dates are 1994 1991 but this is just because this paper is an old paper to show that you don’t only side works at a 10 or 15 years old because it may mean that you’re actually addressing an outdated problem a problem that has already been solved so make sure you cite also novel papers in here then usage I’d whatever what the relevant conferences are of the target audience that you’re expecting so you need to know that which which community you’re going to meet you make sure you dress this community also referencing to their works. Learn how to target your audience with Edusson.

There are things some old stuff you may cite and the also important important thing is what people sometimes fail to do is limit the number of self citations so don’t talk always how great you are you can relate to the key approaches where one of your authors is also an author but you succeed substantially limit that to a certain number of small number of officers about South citations okay now we are done now we come to the core part we have the internet right we have the introduction we have the related work in the citations and now we come to the technical part what should the technical part what are the goals of the technical part the first thing is you want to describe the work that you have done to others in video case you do it in a way that others can reimplemented ease replicate your results or both actually replicating the results may even be harder than re-implementing that depends on the approach so this is a key goal this should be a technical documentation of what you have done that allows others to replicate that that should be the clear goal what if no one else is able to replicate your result.

That’s our first pretty frustrating fathers and certain people make flame in the end then what your report is not right but you simply lied when writing report something you would like to avoid you know to introduces work in the technical section you may describe some of the frontier foundations which are necessary to understand that work so you may wrap up with a few words what-whatever how a camera works if you present a new sender which is based on camera technology you may repeat with a few sentences what are the basic principles of the camera and the model or the basic mathematical model that you’re using you should do that also describing your approach was giving enough technical details but that’s kind of a critical thing.