What’s on my iPhone?

What’s on my iPhone; Richel Goes Places
It’s no secret just how much I love my iPhone and the numerous apps it have especially when I go on a download spree. (Yes, I downloaded more than 20 apps in two separate occasions now.) I also like snooping around on what people have on their own so I decided to post my own essential list of iPhone apps.

I currently have 77 apps on my iPhone – not counting the default apps that are already installed (and can’t be deleted). A third of those are games, though. Still, I know I should be deleting some soon. Maybe even after this post so I have an idea which ones I’m actually using. Without further ado, here’s what’s on my iPhone:

Twitter – I’m most active in this social media site. This is where I get updates from bands, actresses, friends, and other bloggers. My parents are also not on Twitter so… Hahaha!
Facebook/Instagram – I only do a post every other day on both these social media sites but these is where I get my information on news, promos, events, etc. I also get major inspiration from Instagram.
Microsoft Outlook – Am I the only one who thinks iPhone’s mail app sucks? Because it does! I decided to transfer to Outlook and now I get all my mails on real time. I can also combine my Gmail and Yahoo! accounts in here.
Bloglovin’ – I mostly read blog posts through Bloglovin’. Way easier than going through every single blog that I like. Which reminds me, if you have a Bloglovin’ account, kindly comment below. I’d love to follow you.
iBooks – For the bookworm on the go! When I’m bored or have free time to kill, I can catch up on my reading from this app.
Viber/Skype – Hallelujah for apps like this. I can get in touch with my Dad that’s away on Singapore anytime I want to. Also, free messaging with friends and other family members. I reckon this would be even more useful when I travel to other countries soon.
VSCO Cam – This is where I edit the majority of my photos. I haven’t regretted buying all the filters yet as they make my photos look better than they actually are.
Pocket Photo – I own something like a Instax Share but it’s LG and this is the app that lets me connect to the photo printer. They have lots of cute frames and options to design the pictures before printing them out.
Google Maps / Waze / MMDA – I use this so I won’t get lost and so I’ll know how the traffic is. Really helped me during the APEC week when I have no idea how I’ll be able to get home (fun fact: I didn’t get to go home.)
GrabTaxi – For when I’m really desperate to reach a destination or lost. All rides I’ve booked through here are really pleasant though.
BPI – Banking has never been easier. I get real time updates on how much is on my account and can easily transfer funds within seconds.
Pocket Expense – Lets me track where my every single cent is going. Helped me save a lot of money and be more conscious on how I spend.
Monthly Cycles – The only one of its kind that has really cute UI, for me, anyways. Warns me when Aunt Flo will visit a few days in advance and lets me notes my moods, etc.
Duolingo – Lets me learn the basics of a language. I currently have it set up to ten minutes of French lessons every day. I love it!
TwoDots/Peak/QuizUp/Trivia Crack – My favorite games as it helps stimulate my mind while playing. Fancy me a game on Quiz Up, will you?
What apps are you most keen on using?